Friday, August 29, 2008

FuTura X MaDKrUnK

It seems that Leonard McGurr aka Futura will have a show in LA next 18th of September. More news to come, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ObAma: An IcoN of HOPe

Check this interesting video just published over The Guardian's website. It's about a special Exhibition in Denver where have been collected all the artworks representing Barack Obama, already become a pure icon.

JR HiTTed Rio de JANeiRo

Thanks to Wooster Collective for the head-up! It's amazing the project that JR has done in Rio's favelas lately. Check it out here.

Pics taken from Wooster Collective and JR Art.

CoLeTTe Re-OPeNiNg

Colette, the infamous concept store based in Paris, has just re-opened its doors, with a completely new face. Check all the rest of the pictures at HypeBeast. As usual Wonderwall did an huge job!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

:::: NiKe SPOrtsWeaR PoPuP StORe :::: NiKe1960

Nel giorno di start-up dei giochi di Pechino, Nike inaugura a Roma - e contemporaneamente in altre 6 capitali europee che hanno ospitato i giochi olimpici nel passato - un eccezionale Temporary Store che rimarrà aperto fino al 30 settembre. L'8 agosto il Teatro Belli di Trastevere, si trasformerà in una NIKE SPORTSWEAR EXPERIENCE - che si denominerà "1960": anno in cui si sono svolti a Roma i giochi (così come in ogni città il nome sarà quello dell’anno che li ha ospitati in passato) - uno spazio nel quale Nike si racconterà attraverso eventi musicali, incontri e performance artistiche.

Teatro Belli
P.zza di S. Apollonia 11

Venerdì 8 Agosto (dalle 20:08 fino alle 24).
Ingresso solo su invito.

Orari di apertura al pubblico:
Agosto: dalle 16:00 alle 23:00
Settembre: dalle 11:00 alle 13:00 e dalle 16:00 alle 22:00
Chiuso la Domenica.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Acronym has just gone online with a brand new website. Don't miss to check it! You'll also have the chance to get a look at the past collections. Very good!

Info via BeingHunted.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ThiNK SiLLy / UPdaTe

THINK SILLY is brand new. Check it out.

MiLk MAGAziNE, "S" iSSue, 2008

We've discovered, reading on TK's blog that two days ago has been released the last issue of the Chinese ultra-hype-fashion weekly magazine MILK. It's a special "S" Issue made in collabo with Nike and featuring 8 different covers. Collect them all!!!

FORgeT The FILM, WatCh the TiTLeS

Have you ever thought that sometimes the movie titles are much much better than the movie itself? We usually do. We've been deeply obsessed since we discovered him, long time ago, by SAUL BASS's art that we consider a pure Genius. Since we are "movie titles lovers", we've appreciated this site that we've just discovered, and we already love it. They've been collecting movie titles from the 1997 and now their online collection is simply great! Have a look!

Memorabilia: UNBElievaBLE

Directly from 1991, EMF.

NiKe DUnK X BeauTiFUL LoseRS

To commemorate the film's release (check the previous post...), Jesse Leyva from Nike Sportswear decided to create a series of 22 Beautiful Losers DUNK emblazoned with stills from the movie, using this new technology. Check SuperTouchBlog for more pics and info.


If you'll be around NYC next 08.08.08, don't miss the Premiere of the Beautiful Losers Movie at IFC Center. We hope the movie will be soon available also in Europe...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

KeeF URbAn

Check the latest gallery at Keef Urban. You'll find there some well known faces!!! Well done Neil.

ps: nice to see you Wes!

Friday, August 01, 2008


Mr. Fraser Cooke just published some interesting shots that he took during the installation of the upcoming Opening of Beautiful Losers Exhibition in Tokyo. We think you already know everything about this HUGE exhibition, started about 5 years ago by Aaron Rose. We've been lucky enough to go to the Exhibtion in Milan two years ago and we can just confirm that is UNMISSABLE if you like a certain kind of world.

More Info here.