Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brands | Blue Blanket

We remember that once, in the past, long time ago, denim was a synonymous of USA. All the denim stuff came from there. The big players were Levi's and Lee. No doubts. Then, something has finally happened. It's always a pleasure, to me, to discover a new brand. A pleasure even bigger if the brand is from Italy like The Blue Blanket. A brand established and runned by a true denim connoisseur and collector, Antonio Di Battista. The project is really simple: honest and very good products plus a sick attention to details. No frills. Very good. We love it!

Click here to get to Blue Blanket website for more info and pics.

People | Maurizio Donadi

We already wrote about Maurizio Donadi almost one year ago. He was still Vice President at Levis Vintage Clothing in Amsterdam. We've already had a great admiration for his job, for LVC but also for what he was able to do with RRL. Now we've read he's just launched a Consultancy Agency, together with his wife, called Conduit Creative. Reading here and there is going to work with a brand like Filson, so we're terribly curious to see what is coming out in the next months. Congratulazioni Maurizio, and, as we say in Italy, "in bocca al lupo"!

Breaking News | Alexander Wang

So it sounds almost official: Alexander Wang will be the next Front-Runner at Balenciaga

Info and pics via Purple Magazine

Web | Edwin Journal

In this general flatness (see the post below....), we've appreciated the freshness and beauty of the Edwin Journal.  We have to confess that we've never been fans of Edwin Jeans. We thought they were banal and "cheap". We were absolutely wrong. We've added the Journal to our "must-check-every-day" list. You should do the same!

News | We're back!

Ok. Sorry for the lack of news and information. Our last post was in September: an era ago. We have to admit that nothing particularly significant has happened since then. It looks like Streetwear/Fashion System is in the middle of the river. Lately we've seen just releases and releases, every single day. Blogs have become kind of catalogues that post the same pictures and news. Boring? Yes. Honestly.
Anyway, let's start again... :-)