Friday, February 26, 2010

Ads | Parra x Mercato Albinelli, Modena

Mercato Albinelli is a cosy little gem in Modena, a magical place where is possible to find the best Aceto Balsamico (balsamic vinegar) in the world or the most expensive white truffles from Alba or any other food delight. That said, we've been bit surprised to see it communicated through artworks by celebrated world artist Parra. Nice.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

People | Justin R. Saunders

We've been fans of Justin R. Saunders and his blog since day one! For this reason, we've been happy to see that Urban Outiftters's Blog got in touch with him for a chat! check it out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sale | Dope Factory

Dope Factory has launched today a special feature on his online store called "Bargains". We think that no more words need to be added, title speaks for itself. Check it out! Here.

Nike | ARIES2010 Project X Nike Snowboarding

Check the ARIES2010 Project. Made in collaboration with Nike Snowboarding, it's worth a look, absolutely.

Movie | Kitintale by Yann Gross

Kitintale from Yann Gross on Vimeo.

What? Skateboarding. Where? Uganda. If these two words sound weird if put together, have a look at this video.

ps: Help to expand the park and get the mini-ramp fixed. Here the paypal account for your donations.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Places | 40 Gradi Store, Rome

40 Gradi is one the much respected store in Rome, in particular by who is deep in love with japanese brands such as UnderCover, Number (N)ine, Visvim, Roen, Mastermind Japan. Since we were in town, we got there to take some pics. Unfortunately these pics can't get you the real idea of what the store actually is. It is a chaotic cathedral where is possible to find some old gems, just skimming through all the stuff. A "must see" place for every streetwear-lover.

40 Gradi Store
Via Virgilio, ang. Via Boezio
00193 ROMA
Tel.: +39 (0)6

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Rome | Fashion on Paper #01

Better late than never. Last week we were in Rome, attending a Special Event called "Fashion on Paper". This event has been thought with the purpose to promote the indipendent fashion magazines and fashion websites. The final result has been an interesting mix. Up on the same roof, realities completely different, from the much celebrated 032 Magazine, to A Magazine curated by, from Geil Magazine to Sang Bleu, From Qbiq to Nero Magazine, From TheCommonUncommon to Urban, The End and many others... Very nice. Moreover, we've had the chance to see some old friends and to know some new ones!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Web | Agency Records

We could tell you that this website is so useful and in a certain way revolutionary, but we prefer to copy-and-paste the Manifesto that you can find in the "About" section:
"Agency Record was created out of a necessity. Spend enough time in advertising and you learn its always best to keep an eye on everyone else – creatively and from a business standpoint. We never had one source for this, one place that just sort of kept an up-to-date record of the agencies and what they are up to. So we made one".

You can find it here.