Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Very simple: they're the best shoes for the (ugh!!!) upcoming Winter 2010. We want them!

Info and pics via Inventory Magazine.

Tech | TagIt App

C'mon, we know that you'll be downloading it... No shame! :-)

Who believed that Air Force 1 were just (good) shoes, check here what artist Ventin Ruhry did with them. Not really sure about the final result though...

People | Harri Peccinotti

One of the most interesting blog (is this still a word that has a sense?!?) we've been checking daily, is, for sure, the one that Rick Klotz's been running for a while. It's easy to get some preview of his collection, together with some deep feature regarding artists or interesting people. One of the latest features is about the art and work by Harri Peccinotti, photographer, art director, genius etc etc etc... Please, don't miss it! Where? Here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

News | UnderCover® at Firmament, Berlin

Stroggling around the web, we've discovered that starting from tomorrow, August the 25, the UnderCover collection will be available at Firmament. Cool news! Now you have one more reason to head there, if you are around Berlin!