Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art | New York Magazine

Everybody knows Milton Glaser for his I LOVE NYC logo, or for the Bob Dylan's poster. Amongst all the uncomparable projects his mind has created in the last 50 years, we cannot forget the New York Magazine that was founded by himself together with Clay Felker in 1968. Glaser was the Art Director from the first issue until 1977 and we still find his use of typography so classic and at the same time modern. Check this link with the archive of some issues. It is impossible not to continuously take ideas and inspirations.

Creativity | W+K Platform

We just discovered this new project made by those genius at Wieden+Kennedy, simply called "Platform". What is Platform? We copied and pasted this sort of manifesto:
- We need to change our attitude about “tomorrow never comes, so we don’t worry about it.”
- We were late getting to the digital party, so want to make sure we are well ahead in the ‘post digital’ age.
- We are changing our relationships with digital technologies to an attitude that is more concerned with being human, than with being digital.
- We need to explore the interplay between digital and cultural systems, between cyberspace and real space, between virtual and augmented reality and between mixed reality in social and physical communication.

We'll keep constantly our eyes on this webiste in the next months. We're sure it'll be really inspiring.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shoes | Red Wing snowboarding boots ?

Just seen on Detz Matsuda's blog. What do you think about them? We sincerely don't know...

Web | CARSON Mag

Almost 11 years ago, we started working in a Communication Agency, where it was possible to find collections of unbelievable and ultra rare Magazines. One of the magazine we loved the most, was RAY GUN. Innovative and experimental, it was led and directed by David Carson, one of the most respected Art Director, true King of Typography. Eleven years after, we're happy to announce that is now online.

Web | The Magaziner

Jean Snow, the man behind seminal website, has recently launched a new website called "The Magaziner", where magazines and digital meet. This is the philosophy behind the platform: "We hereby define a new term, that of the magaziner, described as a person who exerts an unhealthy amount of love for all things magazine. The Magaziner is a site that mostly focuses on the intersection between magazines and the digital frontier, and what it means for the medium. This does not preclude the inclusion of a healthy amount of print love". What can we say more? We love it.