Monday, August 21, 2006

We're back!

Just came back from the Big Smoke. Where at?!?
A big big big hug to Wes, Narangela and Kohei @ FP, Kase Edwin and DS @ Hideout, Yuri @ Gimme5, Paolo @ Oki-Ni and Magdi @ Slamminkicks for their endless kindness. Thank you guys!


lola said...

chicken or beef?
i'll go for BEEF!
lovely to see you.
can i have my pics please...?i wanna see my shots.


urbancamou said...

Dear L.O.L.A.
very very very happy to hear from u!
how r u?!? hope u r well.
I swear tomorrow i'll send u the pics.
send me an email so I'll write to you.