Thursday, November 09, 2006


Se siete a Londra questo weekend, potreste avere la chance di beccare da Foot-Patrol un paio di Vans Chukka x W)Taps. Fossi in voi, mi farei prima un paio di birrini nel pub "George's", quasi di fronte, magari una bella Blanche, eppoi correrei a pigliarmela prima che le finiscano in un botto.
If you're planning to be around London next weekend, you could have a nice surprise. Foot-Patrol will release the Vans Chukka x W)Taps. If I were you, I'd have a couple of pints at "George's", maybe a Blanche beer, then I'd run to Foot-Patrol, to catch a pair, just before they'll get sold out.

Stay tuned: more news tomorrow.

Check the FP site for more info.

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