Thursday, March 22, 2007

MEn wEAriNg (LADieS’) HAndDaGs

"In other global cities they may still wear ACNE jeans or cardigans, in Tokyo that would be just one of last week’s trends amongst so many others. But - there is something lasting here that stands out. Something that can be spotted in every street around Shibuya: men wearing (ladies’) handbags, pocketbooks and soft purses - casually over the shoulder, elegantly on the wrist or firmly gripped on the way to a meeting. Thanks here to trend hunter Rene Kurita who went out to the fashionable neighbourhoods of Tokyo to document what seems to be so common here. (...) "

If I were you I wouldn't miss the chance to spend 10 minutes to read a nice article about this new trend: men wearing handbags. Mainly ladies handbags. PingMag, one of the most interesting site over the web, has made an accurate analysis of the phenomenon. Well done.

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Jimmy! said...

This trend has been going on for years, I can remember first reading about it Giant Robot magazine literally 6-7 years ago. Nice site