Thursday, April 26, 2007

SlamxhYpe mEEts MIttlEmAn

Check the new Interviews section over SlamxHype. There you'll find a nice interview to the Stüssy's Creative Director aka Mr. Paul Mittleman. Well done.

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Jason said...

I've never been a fan of his, he doesn't have fans so it's to be expected that you may not have heard of him. He's the sort of person who gets by via other people's talent, making it appear to have something to do with him, which it doesn’t.

Lately, he can't even write his own blog, instead he just links lasts months points of interest or puts up an ad trying to resemble last months point of interest. There are several entries that are manipulated to look like actual blog entries, a story with a beginning, middle, and if you click the link to "read the whole article" you're taken to the place where he skimmed the authors original work. He thinks this makes it okay that on his blog he gives NO mention that it is the work of another, so to anyone without the time or inclination to read the entire entry it appears Paul wrote it, when all he did was copy/paste the first 4 paragraphs of another's work...everything except the authors name or byline at the top of the article!

That's bad, but understandable. It's a hard world for someone with no creative ability that needs to appear to be a "Creative Director" at Stussy. He probably wonders why his talent for networking can't be recognized. If it were he could drop the "creative" sham and just do what he does best, suck up to creative people. It should be that way, but it isn't and now he's even begun to directly plagiarize.

The most egregious example (all plagiarism is bad but bad plagiarism is the worst) has to be his entry in October 2006, where he simply copy/pasted 3 paragraphs of the work of Joel Metz of the IFBMA. How did Paul think no one would notice he was plagiarizing text from the IFBMA? People have looked to the IFBMA for years to learn about messengers, who in turn have been a source of new trends for decades. Paul didn't think anyone would notice...even though the work he stole is viewed 5000 times a day for a decade now...

So Paul Mittleman is an idiot, okay. Does this mean association damages Stussy? Yes. Yes it does. As an entity of cool, they have an obligation to both the public they serve and the source of their branding. They take cool from the designers who take it from the messengers and skateboarders and musicians and sell it to everyone else. They have an obligation to the cool, the buyers of cool and most importantly, the creators of cool. The same group Paul Mittleman apparently believes it is okay to steal from, instead of just leeching the way he normally would, that at least can be tolerated.

Paul, repent your sins, you *beep* idiot.