Thursday, September 13, 2007


We are so damn curious to know more about these new Nike Woven that we've just seen at the Mr. Fraser Cooke's blog at Clot. Check it out there for more pics.


Rufus said...

That's an Air Woven Chukka Boot, albeit in an unreleased colorway. I am the hugest diehardest fan of the original air woven, but I have no love for the Chukka Boots.

urbancamou said...

Ciao Rufus,
thank you so much for your ultra quick comment. I know that you're a big Woven's fan ; I still remember your astonishing collection at NikeTown London... ;-)

Congratulations for your last posts at HowItHappened. We love Mies Van Der Rohe and we think that the Farnsworth House is simply unbelievable.

b > uc®

xymon said...

oh c'mon Rufus, chukka's are lovely! hehe...just not in that gaudy colorway (eek)

urbancamou said...

ciao xymon,
to be honest, I must admit that I like much more the original air woven than the chukka boots. I love the outsole of the old ones... :-)