Monday, November 26, 2007

F2 BooK bY GEOffRoY De BOisMEnu

F2 is a new book by Geoffroy de Boismenu that HongKongPhat will release starting from the 15th of December 2007. Geoffroy de Boismenu is a world famous photographer and has a new project running: FIAT LUX. It consists in 5 books each named with the name of a camera, the camera that he used for the pictures of each book. F2 is for Nikon F2, Image System is for Polaroid, T4 is for Yashika, CW is for Hasselblad and Fiat Lux is for Meta-camera. The F2 book has been printed in just 1000 copies, so you'll must be really quick to get the chance to pick up one of them...

Info via Lamjc.
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