Friday, February 29, 2008


Today we were so inspired that we wanted to share with you a couple of books that have just been released and that are really interesting for different reasons. They are a "must have" for all you readers, trust us! ;-)

The first one is "Style Deficit Disorder", a book by Tiffany Godoy and Ivan Vartanian all about Tokyo and its particular neighborhood called "Harajuku", that has become a style-mecca and a place where is possible to find inspiration (and the best stores in the world). It contains many essays from japanese editors, stylists, influencers, designers and it features more than 200 photos.

The second one is the last book by our favourite graphic designer, Mr. Peter Saville. "Estate" is a a book about the development of Saville, as artist, designer and cultural influencer, from the late 70s until nowadays.

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