Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do You UNdErsTand WhAt I'm SAYing, SIR?

Do You Understand What I'm Saying, Sir? Exhibition

Blanco Temporary Space
Via Verdi, 10 - Reggio Emilia

Vernissage - Thursday 1st of May, from 07.00PM

Blanco, Claudia de Rossi, Craig Burton,
Damien Ropero, Donald Christie, Elena Cara, Estelle Hanania,
Indira Cesarine, Jenny Hands, Jeremy Shaw, Lukas Wassman,
Maria Trofimova, Mathias Sterner, Nicholas Haggard, The Dadlar

Music by...
Guillaume Sorge + Dirty Sound System Dj Set + Ah! Wildness Live

More Info: here.

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