Wednesday, December 10, 2008

StReeTFooT MaGaZiNe DeCeMbEr IssUe

StreetFoot Magazine focuses largely on urban street style in different countries. It carries advertising from the major footwear brands and runs a range of fashion and footwear-related features and articles each month. Advertising dictates content to some extent. The Magazine is produced in South Korea but has a wider circulation covering Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.
Features and articles cover brand focus, fashion outlets, young designers, street style and events (London Fashion Week, skateboard competitions and graffiti artists). Content is produced in Korea and by the overseas correspondents based in Tokyo, Londo, New York, HK & Taipei.
The pictures above show part of the content of the December Issue now out. Check it out!!!
A special thank goes to the londoner correspondents, photographer Richard Brattan and editor/stylist JC Park who have worked together for the magazine since the 2007.

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