Friday, June 19, 2009

UnDerCover® Show /////

Despite a boring (and painy) broken foot and the necessity to walk with boring (and uncomfortable) pair of crutches, last night we went to the UnderCover Event in Giardino dei Boboli, Firenze. Let's start to say that all the pain we felt was completely repayed by the beauty of the show. The Show was composed by the presentation of the Men's Collection and the "Doll's Making" Show. The fashion Show was unbelievable: Collection was damn good and innovative and, in a certain way, a "next level". After the fashion show, we all moved to a different location even better than the previous one, to watch Jun himself operating live on the "Doll's making". Doll making was impressive, visionary and a bit psychedelic, due to the perpetual electronic soundtrack; something impossible to forget. The final result was wonderful and really moving.

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