Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The ICON ProJect

Ladies and gentlemen, we're really proud to introduce you to "THE ICON PROJECT": a series of 8 products manufactured in a very limited number, as a tribute to Nike's 8 most iconic pieces. Designed and produced for Nike by LALO, a loose collaborative unit which works on one-off projects for various brands. LALO involves some of the creative talent behind the seminal british label Silas and Maria.

The 8 products look great, carefully manufactured as they have been by artisans, using high quality materials like saddle leather, silver details, cashmere. Each item comes in a hand made stamped box and is individually labelled and numbered. The labels are hand embroidered and the branding consists of a small engraved swoosh on the silver beads and zip pulls that decorate them.

Until here, the good news. Do you want to know the bad ones? THE ICON PROJECT is run in a ultra limited production (64 pieces in total) and it is not meant for commercial use. It will only be available to Nike top celebrity clientele.

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mitch23 said...

the sneaker is amazing.....