Wednesday, November 18, 2009

StOOL ExhibiTion by MISHA : PhotoRecap

Exhibition by Misha (PAM)

BLACK & BLUE Gallery

302/267-271 Cleveland St, Redfern

From the 13th until the 28th of November

"Misha Hollabach's latest works is steeped in visual signposts and inferences to faeces. A shrine to shit , it mixes metaphorical messages with overt sculptural and visual detritus to recreate the viewers experience of faeces. In this representation of shit , Misha touches upon the etymological origins of faeces which derives from faex, the latin for dregs, shit becomes a metaphor for unwanted It is his first solo exhibition, a process of clearing the proverbial bowels in what is a visceral visual exploration of what is every human's first sculptural creation, that of faeces".

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Black & Blue Gallery

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