Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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RADIO is born, VIVA RADIO. But, wait a moment, what is RADIO?
RADIO is the new exciting project runned by Marco Klefish. It is an exhibition space for selected audio and video materials, chosen and created by ‘guest owners’ selected amongst artisans, curators, designers and photographers. Everything sounds really interesting and good. We can't wait to see more about it.

For example, we are terribly curious to see what will go on the first Event entitled "IMMAGINI SPEZZATE", a project made in collaboration between Art Director Tommaso Garner and Giorgio Di Salvo (the man who founded the cult label Vanguard, just to name one of his uncountable projects), that will be opened next Thursday, the 27th of May (18.00-22.00).

RADIO is in Milan in Via Pestalozzi 4.
Opening times: monday to Friday / midday to 8pm

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