Friday, March 04, 2011

Art+Media | Toilet Magazine

Toilet Paper is a “new generation” magazine that combines commercial photography, twisted narratives and surrealistic imaginary to create a series of powerful visual tableaux. Maurizio Cattelan – a strong and provocatory artist – is challenging again the limits of contemporary value system of which he is part. This time he teases the ambitious world of magazine publishers and serious art critics. He is not afraid to build a bridge between the commercial photography an art – the bridge that in Poland is considered not existing or taboo. All photographs visualize the ideas of the artist and are created in collaboration with a well-known Italian photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. In an interview for the Italian edition of Vogue Ferrari comments on the new magazine: The magazine springs from a passion/ obsession that Maurizio and I have in common. Each picture springs from an idea, even a simple one, and then becomes a complex orchestration of people who build tableaux vivants. This project is also a sort of mental outburst.

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