Thursday, April 21, 2011

Breaking News | C A R S O N Magazine coming soon

Just found this *great great great* news from "The Magaziner": David Carson (we hope you do know who actually he is...) will be back with a printed magazine entitled C A R S O N. I copied and pasted here the article from The Magaziner:

The one and only David Carson — who was back in the magazine blogosphere eye recently thanks to his covers for Little White Lies and Huck — will be the art and design director of a new print magazine launching in 2011.

Titled C A R S O N (the spacing between letters is deliberate), it will cover art, culture, design fashion, and maybe more surprisingly, current events, within themed issues.

From Alex Storch, the editor-in-chief:

I love to read real stories about real people and events, and then try to interpret them visually. C A R S O N is a way of seeing our world in an exciting way, which in these times can often seem confusing, overwhelming, and/or soulless.

Storch and Carson — both based in Venice — are still on the lookout for contributors, and hope to bring an editorial context “that stretches past tabloid-style journalism.”

The magazine’s website is currently not much more than a placeholder, but we do know that the magazine will launch sometime in 2011, it will be published bi-monthly, and that a 6-issue subscription will go for $20.

Very exciting indeed, and it’s just the kind of news that I love hearing in this era of “print death” desperation.

More info: here.

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