Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Good design is a kind of utopia that mixes in a perfect balance beauty and functionality.

To be honest, it is not so easy to find proper examples.  Try to think about it.  Sometimes you get something beautiful but simply useless,  sometimes you find the right functionalism, but the ugliest design.

Good design is the first thing we thought, as soon as we put our eyes on the fantastic  result of the collaboration between The North Face and TU GLAM Studio.

TU GLAM, a design and consulting agency based in Modena – Italy,
was asked to design three Capsule Collection for The North Face.

These three Collections (Heritage Capsule, Mountain Capsule and Urban Modern Capsule) were presented during the FW14 PITTI In Florence, last January.

They are a perfect mix between Heritage and modern living
The final result is a line of clothes that have all the technology features you expect a North Face item to have, twisted with an unexpected modern approach, for the contemporary man, who travels around the world and doesn't want to feel uncomfortable. Never ever.

We really like them. In particular we love the obsession that Tu Glam put on the details, respecting the original Archive by North Face

Well done, guys. 

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