Friday, November 14, 2008


A pure Berlin breathe! This is what you feel entering the E35 Store in Modena. E35 is a store existing since 2002 and it has a "mission": to support the emerging brands and prefer quality and reserch to quantity and easy/conventional design. That's why we love so much to go there, being sure to find everytime something new and unexpected. Last Saturday there has been the Opening of the new venue and we had the chance to have a look of their current stuff. Apart the "great classic" Red Wing and the always cool Freitag bags and Lomo cameras, what caused us almost a heart attack was the FW'08 Collection by Nigel Cabourn. It's been a while since we've seen such an obsession and attention on fabrics and details. HUGE! Speaking about the new Store, it looks really good, bigger and brighter than the old one. We like the fact that the old scraped plaster have been kept and matched with elegant and modern furniture. So, what can we say? We like it and you must get there if you love, like us, brands such as Red Wing, Freitag, Mykita, Ic Berlin, Lomo, Nooka, Nigel Cabourn and many many many others... Very well done!

A website will be online really soon. Stay tuned!


Via Sant'Eufemia 88 / MODENA / ITALY
ph. no. +39 059 23 77 51

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STOCCO said...

Freitag shop is great! i only see the zurich one! it's super amazing!!!