Friday, October 31, 2008


In February 2007, we posted a feature about a new footwear brand called YUM YUM. We got impressed by it for a couple of reasons: it was a brand based in Italy, it was fresh and, most of all, it was runned by a talented twentysomething guy with a lot of enthusiasm. Two years later, a lot of changes happened, but in a better way. YUM YUM has evolved and has changed its name. Now the brand is called FORFEX and it is distributed by Slam Jam. In the last year new models have been released, but nothing was like the last one. The SPACE BOOT is something completely new and almost revolutionary in the trainer's world. It is a crossover between a classic "après-ski" shoe and a techical sneaker and it's damn fresh. Made in collaboration with the PAM crazy-duo, they'll be released in three different colorways. We can't wait to receive our pair!!!

ps: For the curiosity corner: There will be three sizes: SMALL(40/41) MEDIUM(42/43) LARGE (44/45).
pps: For the curiosity corner2: There is just one sole for both the shoes, so the right one is the same as the left one. And the pattern of it is the lunar ground.

Check here for more updates and info.


Elodie said...

I m looking for these Space Boots shoes for a photoshoot for Italian Vogue.
It s really really important for me but i cant find the press office
Would you have any contact?
Thanks so much

urbancamou said...

Ciao Elodie,
just read your comment.
If you still interested, please send me an email at

I should be able to help you.